Nigerian University slang

10 Slang Common To Most Nigerian Universities

Nigerian University Slang

When it comes to education in Nigeria, The language of instruction is English language, but there are certain English words that have a different meaning.

Most of these words that are now commonly accepted in regular Nigerian mainstream English Language have their origin from many Nigerian Campuses.


10 Slang Common To Nigerian Universities



This is one University slang that means more that one thing, depending on context.

Runs could mean examination malpractice or doing things in any which way possible.

Nigerian University slang
Nigerian University “Runs” girl

Runs can also be used to describe girls that are considered to be into prostitution.

for example: ‘Dem catch Uche with runs inside exam hall’ ( Examination Malpractice)

I go runs my way get that job after school’ (doing things any way possible)

“Folake na real runs girl” Means that Folake is a confirmed prostitute.

Fall My Hand

This simply means to disappoint. Most Nigerian students use this to describe a situation where they are expecting (or not) disappointment

Nigerian University slang

“No go fall my hand” simple means don’t disappoint me


I go Change Am for You

When someone says this, just know that things are about to heat up and they are about to do something out of anger.

Students say this sentence when they are letting out a warning to someone else.

Nigerian University Slang

‘No Make me go change am for you o” would mean “Don’t change my mood with you”


Baff Up

This a phrase is used for someone who is well dressed or overdressed.

‘See as Joshua Baff Up’ 

Nigerian University slang

It could also be used when someone who is neat.


Burst my Brain/Head

Burst my brain/head is used when someone is impressed or surprised over a situationNigerian University slang

‘That New film dey burst my brain’ would mean, I’m Impressed by that movie.



This One word Means to sleep

Nigerian University Slang

“I wan go crash”  would mean I want to go to bed.



This is another one word that means to eat and eating.

Nigerian University Slang

“Make we go chao” would mean Let’s go eat


Church Member

Used to describe students who are in one cult or the other. The opposite of this slang is Jew.

Nigerian University Slang

“You Hear say Matthew na church member”  Simply means, “Did you hear that Matthew is in a cult?”



This one word means weed or marijuana. Students also Use this word to refer to smokers and people who do drugs.

Nigerian University slang

“Will there be kush at the party” 



Nigerian University students use this to describe people that are not smart.

Nigerian University Slang

People also often use this to describe people who let opportunities pass them by.


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