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10 Foods Nigerian Students Can’t Do Without In School

10 foods On Nigerian Campuses Students can’t do Without.

Living on a Nigerian campus is a very challenging and exciting thing. It is something for the brave hearts really. The one thing that is unique to most Nigerian students is the thrive for survival and they really are doing a good job at it.

foods on Nigerian Campuses

Most Universities, both private, federal and state owned Universities have provided several option for feeding on campus. some private universities in Nigeria comes with a meal plan while others don’t.

The list below shows ten foods Nigerian Students Can’t do Without When On Campus.

In no particular order these 10 foods are the most consumed on campus. foods that Nigerian Students can’t do without when on campus.


foods on Nigerian campuses

This is one of Nigerian Student’s food best friend. It is one food that is readily available on campus and almost every student’s favorite for obvious reasons.


Thinking of making that concussion rice more delicious and richer? then Geisha or sardines is just the perfect addition for most Nigerian students.

This is another very important food on most Nigerian Campuses.


Everyone loves a good sausage. This is another food that Most Nigerian Student enjoy having to complement other foods they are eating.

Bread and Co.

foods on nigerian campuses

Bread is every Nigerian Student best friend. It’s versatility is just as refreshing as the air we all breathe. Bread can go with several other items like egg, fish, Akara, tea, moi-moi, and so on.


foods on Nigerian campuses

Hardly will you ever see anyone that says that they don’t like a good, almost burnt dodo! this is another food that have high demand on almost all Nigerian Campuses.


Among all foods on Nigerian Campuses, rice is the most common. with a high demand and huge nutritional value, Rice is one food that most Nigerian students can’t do without.


Made out of Beans, Moi-Moi is another food that is as refreshing and satisfying on most Nigerian Campus.


Spaghetti is one food that is both nutritious and satisfying. It Complements other foods like Rice and beans and is often times eaten alone. This is a very common food on Nigerian Campuses


foods on Nigerian campuses

This is one food that is often time looked down upon, but low-key, Nigerian students know that they can’t do without beans on campus.

Swallow: Eba/Garri/Fufu/Amala

foods on Nigerian campuses

Life on Nigerian Campuses would probably not be the same if these were to be absent. This is one kind of food on Nigerian Campus that has been saving lives for as long as there is.


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