10 Exciting Places To Visit In Lagos

Beautiful Places in Lagos to Visit.

Lagos continues to remain Nigeria’s largest city, and the most populous on the African continent.

Lagos remains one of Africa’s most exciting places to visit.

The list below is a list of 10 exciting places to visit in Lagos.


  • Omenka Gallery

Places to visist In Lagos - Omenka Art Gallery

Located in Ikoyi, Lagos, Omenka Art Gallery is one of Nigeria’s leading art gallery and one of the beautiful places in Lagos. It represents contemporary Nigerian and international arts and artists with its exhibition space in Lagos


  • Ikeja City Mall

Places to visit in Lagos - Ikeja City Mall

Opened in December 2010 and Located on the Mainland of Lagos, Ikeja city mall is one of its kind. With a variety of activities, departments and stores, ICM continues to revolve around international standards

  • Beautiful Places In Lagos: Beaches

places to visit in lagos - Beaches

There are over ten beautiful beaches in Lagos state where one can go to for relaxation. Some of these beaches like the whispering palms have historical sites located close to them. On the Lagos Island alone, there are over 5 beaches which provides quite exquisite services, some of which are also free of charge.

  • The Bogobiri House

places to visit in lagos - Bobiri house

This is more of high-end relaxation spot with African artistic heritage.

The Bogobiri is a sixteen room boutique hotel in Ikoyi, Lagos that offer visitors the opportunity to experience the creative soul of Arica’s most vibrant city.

  • Freedom Park

places to visit in lagos - freedom park

Located on the Island, Freedom Park is home to several vibrant activities and events.

The Park was created to preserve the history and cultural heritage of Nigerians, with statues revealing Nigeria in the colonial era.

  • The National Theater

places to visit in lagos - National TheatreAnother exciting place to visit on the mainland of Lagos, is the National Theater its structure alone is quite refreshing. The National Theater is home to Nigeria’s primary performing arts and crafts. Located in Iganmu, Surulere, Lagos, it was constructed in 1976 in preparations for the Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC).

  • Kalakuta Museum Ikeja

places to visit in lagos - Kalakuta

Kalakuta Museum is home to preserved antiques of legendary Afrobeat king Fela Kuti.

It has a pent house, a bar and it’s an exciting place to learn about the legend, his craft, lifestyle and everything concerning his views.

  • National Museum

places to visit in lagos - national museum

The National Museum is home to Nigeria’s art and craft. Located in the city of Lagos, the Museum has a notable collection of Nigerian arts which includes pieces of carvings and archaeological exhibits.

  • Terra-Kulture

places to visit in lagos - terra Kulture

Located on Victoria Island, Terra-Kulture remains one of Nigeria’s leading spot for art, education, lifestyle and culture. It is a notable destination for events and openings.

  • Lekki Conservation Center

places to visit in lagos - Lekki Conservation center

Established in the early 90’s, this remarkable location covers about 76 hectares of land areas. The Nature nest is funded and managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF).

This is one spot for visitors that appreciate the amazing greens of Mother Nature.


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