Lies Parents Tell

5 Common Lies Parents Tell You Before You Leave for School

What if i told you that almost half of what you were told about the university by your parents are wrong?

Growing up as a child, you’ve always listened to their every word and abiding by their rules, which is not wrong at all.

Being a parent is not easy, I’ve never been one before but i just know, believe me. The cares and worries of raising children to the point where you let them go can be challenging. Let’s take a moment to appreciate our folks .

The truth of the matter is that many of what our parents told us about the university is all wrong.

Here is a list of 5 common Myths You were made to believe as a fresher


“My Pikin woman go put you for trouble”

Lies Parents Tell

Every guy has heard this at some point in their lives. “My Pikin, no follow Woman o”  

Like seriously? who would help you keep space in lecture hall when you’re running late? who would cook food and bring to you when you’re broke?

If you make the right kind of relationship with the opposite sex, you are in to have one of the best University experience.


“Just work Hard and You’ll Succeed”

Lies Parents Tell

Working hard has it’s rewards for sure. As good as this sounds to motivate anyone, it is one big lie parents tell.

Last time I checked, we still live in a country with a wide tribal differences. There are lectures that will willingly fail you because you belong to a tribe different from theirs, so please tell me how does hard work fit?

As if that’s not too much, some lecturers would only favour female students and fail the male one. So Working hard is just one big lie.


“When I was your Age…”

Lies Parents Tell

Almost every sentence that begins with this line, is at most dangerous and not helpful. What’s the crazies “when I was Your age…” line you’ve ever heard?

Most parents would exaggerate about their university days all in the name of advising you.

When I was your age I didn’t roll with anyone!

How did you manage to meet your partner?


“The University Is The Real Life”

Lies Parents Tell

The pressure from this sentence can make anyone rethink about going to the university. There is so much expectation that this sentence give off.

So you finish the University and discover, No, This is the real life, looking for a job, getting married and starting a family (Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you)


“The University period will be the best years of your life”

Lies Parents Tell

How can something tough be the best for me? Most students will agree that the university is fun but extremely stressful. Now how is that best for me.

Ever woken up one morning and just feel like going back home? Only University stress can make you want to do that.


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